What’s the difference between a Conveyancer and Solicitor for conveyancing?
Who’s better? Who charges more? Want to find out which one you should use and save yourself some time and possibly money? Read on..

First let us define Conveyancing:

Conveyancing is legal work carried out during the process of transferring ownership of property from one party to another.

So what’s the difference between a Solicitor & Conveyancer for Conveyancing?
Conveyancers and Solicitors are equally qualified to undertake conveyancing work.
There are a few uncommon things that the Conveyancers Licensing Act does not consider “conveyancing work” and in such cases you will need a solicitor or an accountant:-
Conveyancing work does not include the carrying out of any work for the purpose of:

(a) a mortgage on non-residentiaproperty where the amount secured by the mortgage exceeds 7 million dollars (with non-residential property being any property that is not residential property for the purposes of Division 8 of Part 4 of the Conveyancing Act 1919 ), or

(b) commencing or maintaining legal proceedings, or

(c) establishing a corporation or varying the memorandum or articles of association of a corporation, or

(d) creating, varying or extinguishing a trust, or

(e) preparing a testamentary instrument, or

(f) giving investment or financial advice, or
(g) investing money, except as required to complete a conveyance in accordance with Division 2 of Part 5 of the Act

Who Charges More?

Traditionally Solicitors charged more for conveyancing. However with the increase in the number of skilled Licensed Conveyancers, Solicitors’ conveyancing fees have become more competitive and in some cases on par or cheaper than Licensed Conveyancers. Some well known and low cost conveyancing only law firms claim to have Solicitors working on your file, but be aware that it may be a paralegal doing the work.

So who charges more… We think Solicitors do but there’s only one way for you to find out, call or email a few Conveyancers or Solicitors and ask for a quote. Want to know what our fees our? Click here and we will email you our quote.

So Who’s Better?

Like in all industries there are great Solicitors and terrible Solicitors, there are also great Licensed Conveyancers and some bad ones too. In the past I personally have worked for Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers and in my experience I have found the procedures and practices to be almost identical. In some instances, although the business was operated by a Solicitor, the Licensed Conveyancer did all of the conveyancing work.

Yes, but who’s better.  The Licensed Conveyancer or Solicitor who treats your sale or purchase like it is their own, is available to take your call or answer your email, replies promptly and wants to make the process as smooth and easy, that’s the best one.

  • Call the Conveyancing Business or Legal Practice and ask to speak to the person who does the conveyancing. You will soon see if you get the run around.
    • Good sign– You get to speak to the Licensed Conveyancer or Solicitor straight away
    • Bad sign– You don’t get to speak to the Licensed Conveyancer or Solicitor
  • Ask questions
    • Good Sign – You get clear answers to your questions, the person speaking to you is calm and puts you at ease
    • Bad Sign – You can’t speak to the Solicitor or Conveyancer
  • Get a written quote
    • Good Sign – The quote is clear and concise and outlines all costs involved
    • Bad Sign – The quote is ambigous, unclear or you don’t get a quote
Fill in your details below to get a Free Quote or to just ask a question.
John C

My first purchase of real estate where a body corporate was involved was handled by Bryn. Nothing was too much trouble and through to completion was a breeze.

I felt the fee charged was very reasonable and will certainly use Bryn in future dealings

Keith M

I have used Bryn for multiple purchases and sales over the years and each time we leave with no doubt in our decision to let him handle all our conveyancing needs. Through a process that is complicated, confusing and stressful, Bryn makes things simple, always there to explain and assist with the entire process. At the same time however his attention to detail is second to none. He has saved us from some bad decisions and guided us through good ones, I simply wouldn’t use or trust another conveyancer like we do with Bryn. Thanks once again for all your help, you helped us through thick and thin to secure our dream home.

Anthony A

My wife and I have used Bryn for conveyancing on two of our property purchases. We found him to be efficient, thorough and knowledgable.

We highly recommend Bryn for all conveyancing matters and will use him again for our next purchase.

Lynsey B

My experience with Bryn from Beaches Conveyancing has been very positive.

Bryn is responsive, efficient and he is a pleasure to deal with – he made the purchasing process effortless.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Beaches Conveyancing and would be delighted to work with them again

Barbara R

I recently engaged the services of Beaches Conveyancing to assist with the transfer of multiple property settlements. Beaches Conveyancing acted for both parties in this matter and provided  professional expertise along with a personal approach. A clear and comprehensive overview of the process together with realistic timeframes and regular updates kept both parties informed. Beaches Conveyancing catered for both electronic and hard copy documentation, according to the needs of the respective parties. I thank Beaches Conveyancing wholeheartedly for their assistance and support.

Lynda K
I recently arranged the sale of my apartment and was recommended the conveyancing services of Bryn Humphreys at Beaches Conveyancing.
I found Bryn to be very personable and timely in his return phone calls and emails to me.
I was invited to send any questions to him which I did, and I found Bryn to be informed with his advice and pleasant to deal with as well. Bryn advised me of the best way forward when unexpected delays were experienced during the sale process.
I would recommend Beaches Conveyancing and Bryn Humphreys if you are buying or selling property.
Your location is not that important to having Bryn complete the conveyancing process, as so much is now done online.

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